6 Features That Stand Out in Articulate Storyline 2

6 Features That Stand Out in Articulate Storyline 2

November 20, 2014/in Training Thinking /by Isha

Arlyn Asch has 26 reasons why he loves Articulate Storyline 2. I’d like to give it to Arlyn, the product is clearly one of the best rapid authoring tools I have used so far. Out of the 26 reasons, I have handpicked 6 new features of Storyline 2, that give the much said power to the storyline development.

Without dilating your pupils much, I will straightaway get to the point.

1. Auto save your work

Storyline 2 allows users to set auto-recovery of project information by adding a preferred duration between 1 and 120. Don’t worry if you forget to set it. Storyline 2 will auto-recover your projects every 10 minutes (by default). So, set it and forget it.

Storyline 2 features

2.Motion Paths

Motion paths help make objects move any way we want. We decide how we want our animations to behave by choosing Effect Options or Path Options. I mean just imagine how it feels when you are not able to manipulate animations your way in elearning design. Storyline development gets a facelift.

Articulate Development

3. Using Slide Interactions

Have your learners experiment data and information by interacting with the slider. The new slider interaction can be used to let learners modify data, explore cause-and-effect relationships, or control other objects in the elearning course.

Articulate Storyline Development

4. Copying Animation

This is like creating a website template and saving it to be used again and again. Interesting, isn’t it? You can create an awesome animation for one object and reuse the same animation for multiple objects.

5. Using Negative Scoring

I remember my school tests that deduct marks for a wrong answer. In many elearning scenarios this is definitely a handsome offer. You can have your learners answer questions more accurately by inducing negative scoring.

6. Importing Questions

Now this is an airbender. Storyline 2 now allows importing of questions from an excel sheet or text file. Yipee, don’t need to create questions from scratch now.

What are some new features you liked in Storyline 2? Share your ideas.

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