Extending Value Outside The Product- Happy Thanksgiving

It is time of the year to extend our thanks to all our business fraternity (Customers, Partners, Employees and Competitors), for this wonderful year full of opportunities, challenges and competition. This Thanksgiving we relish the memories of how we started humble and confident. Our gratitude goes to customers (companies and executives), who bestowed their trust in our capabilities. It is for them, that we are raring to extend our value-based services and solutions to more customers and companies across the globe.

When we started, we aspired to build an unique knowledge ecosystem, leveraging the best minds of the world. Our joy goes beyond imagination as we realize, our customers have invested in building this ‘unique knowledge ecosystem’ with us.

I have often stressed in our strategy meetings, “to become a trusted learning and performance partner, how are we going to build value in our services and solutions?” This Sunday meeting (weekends give us more relaxed mindsets for strategy meetings), Sanjay Katiyar, CEO, Knowledge Synonyms, sparked a differentiated line of thought. “We need to extend our value outside the product”, said Sanjay.

“Extending value outside the product” is our way of celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Since we are in the business of delivering organizational performance through learning, education and, digitization solutions, we have always worked towards adding the following value to products that we deliver to our customers:

  • Tactile Innovation: walkthrough tangibility in innovation
  • Cost-Quality-Timeline: achieve economies of scale through skilled processes
  • Performance At Source: outcomes oriented skilled staff, each one of them
  • Collaborative Lifecycle Approach: optimal insights-led development

We want extend value outside our products too. Here are some mission statements we are going to pursue and deliver.

‘Customer is the culture’ defines the business strategy
Less sales, more inspiration for the customer
Helping customers at all costs, make them shine in their roles
Trust and diligence pivotal for relationships

With all our thanks and gratitude, I’d let the Thanksgiving bring blessing to all.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” Happy Thanksgiving To All.

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