Knowledge Synonyms’ pathbreaking Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC), EasySIM® breaks the trend of investing in trainings that fail to improve performance in any meaningful way.
EasySIM® is a KPI-driven solution
Its decision tree design helps train your employees and assess their performance in Realistic Work Situations. Making decisions in the context of your business specific situations and having the consequences of those decisions play out ensures Cognitive Engagement and transforms your flat content into Active Learning.
EasySIM®’s Branching Simulation model directly links learning to job performance, thus accelerating learning, increasing ROI, and driving business efficiency.
Moreover, EasySIM®’s proprietary algorithm provides a complete and well-rounded assessment of the employees’ job-critical skills and competencies, highlighting their strengths and areas of improvement while ranking them against company and industry data. In a nutshell, EasySIM® fuels your skill-development initiatives and raises employees’ competencies with tangible outcomes.